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We develop and produce what you need.

  • Many Years of Experience: Founded in 1971, Medtronic has been a leading manufacturer in the dental sector for more than 40 years specialising in the production of medical dental spare parts and instrument hoses.
  • Satisfied Customers: Among our customers are manufacturers, wholesalers and technicians of dental appliances as well as manufacturers supplying the ENT medical sector, the general medical technology sector and the beauty sector.
  • Production - Everything Is Available from A Single Source: As we produce more than 90% of our products ourselves, have our own development department and manufacture our own tools and moulds we are flexible to respond quickly to any customer requirements. Also, Medtronic introduces new ideas whenever our customers request our assistance in creating new product ideas and solutions. We are equipped with laser systems, CNC lathes, eroding and grinding machines, HSC processing centres (high speed cutting), extrusion facilities and injection moulding units etc. to satisfy your requirements.
  • Quality "Made in Germany": Medtronic promises and delivers high quality, innovative and durable products "Made in Germany" - and we are very proud that our customers have been loyal to us for decades!